last updated 17 June 2022

David B. Beckwith

Author of:

The Chronicles of Sherlock Holmes series

The Launch of Volume II


On Saturday 25th October 2014 I launched Volume II of Chronicles at
the City of Cockburn's Spearwood Library in Western Australia.

At the same time, I also released the second edition of Volume I
featuring numerous typographic corrections, and the new cover.

The Library provided the venue, featuring my posters, advertising of the
event, filming the presentation, and uploading the film to YouTube,and
providing tea, coffee, cake, and biscuits.

A second video was made by brother Michael A. Beckwith.
For the first time, this second private video is now available here.

The introducer is my old school friend David I. Moult.

View library video of Presentation (47:18)
View private version of Presentation (46:17)


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