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David B. Beckwith


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By invitation, I was invited to contribute stories to the anthologies
Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson: The Early Adventures Volume 2 (2019), and
The MX Book of New Sherlock Holmes Stories.
Both edited by the learned Sherlockian David Marcum.

                1. The Case of the Finding of Geoffrey Hobson
                            Scotland Yard is stumped in its attempts to find the accomplice of the failed
                            last would be assassin of Queen Victoria in 1882. Holmes, Watson, and the
                            Baker Street Irregulars come to the aid of the Police. more

                2. The Case of the Lost Symphony
                            In 1895 someone is trying to convince the world that the lost 10th Symphony
                            of Ludwig van Beethoven has been discovered. Holmes and Watson journey to
                            Vienna on the Orient Express to unearth the truth - On April Fool's Day! more


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