David B. Beckwith

(now in second edition)

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             1. The Case of the Scotched, Soused, & Scotsman
                      Holmes and Watson travel to Scotland to solve a locked room
                      mystery involving Freemasonry.

             2. Dr. Watson & the Cartomancer
                      In which Dr. Watson tries to act as a detective along with his
                      literary agent Dr. Conan Doyle.
                      Holmes resolves the mystery at the end.

             3. The Colonial Conspiracy
                      A case that shows Watson's background in Australia. The politics
                      involved forced Watson not to publish.

             4. "Bertie"
                      A tale of King Edward VII. It could never have been more true,
                      and thus could never be printed until now.

             5. Sherlock Holmes & Jack the Ripper
                      Sherlock Holmes meets the Ripper. A fictional solution to the
                      unsolved crimes, involving a fictional member of the Royal Family.


Available as paperback and eBook (both .epub & .mobi)

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