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               1. The Murdered Professor of Newton
                          Relates to the first times at 221B Baker Street, then Holmes
                          and Watson go to Cambridge to another locked room mystery.

               2. The Vault
                          In which Dr. Watson reveals what he really knew about
                          Professor Moriarty.

                   3. The Assassination Plot
                          The true story of Holmes retirement in 1903, a continuation of
                          the "Bertie" story from volume I.

               4. Sherlock Holmes in America
                          Two cases relating to Holmes activities in New York:
                           "Vandebilt & the Yeggman"
                           "The Dreadful Case of the Abernethys Baltimore"

               5. The Haunted Stable
                           Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson solve an apparent supernatural
                           incident in St. Albans.

               6. Appendix
                          The Chronology of Holmes Watson from 1810 onwards.


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