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David B. Beckwith

Published December 2017

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Available as paperback and eBook (both .epub & .mobi)

                1. The Case of Ailsa Craig
                            Holmes is summoned to a bleak rock off the coast of Scotland to solve
                            the case of a vanished Lighthouse keeper. more

                2. The Case of the Amateur Cracksman
                            Holmes, Watson, and Inspector Athelney-Jones tackle a high
                            society amateur cracksman, a famous tennis player with his
                            coach accomplice. more

                3. The Sherlock Holmes in Cumbria
                            Holmes and Watson travel to Cumberland & Westmoreland to
                            solve an atrocious crime, then also a theft from the family of
                            one of Holmes's oldest cases. more

Lake Ullswater from Gowbarrow Fell, towards Helvellyn (painting by author)

Available as paperback and eBook (both .epub & .mobi)

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