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David B. Beckwith

Published January 2020

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Available as paperback and eBook (both .epub & .mobi)

                1. The Case of the Tide Waiter
                            Holmes is summoned by a curious letter to Guernsey in the Channel
                            Island to solve a crime depriving a shell fisherman of his catch. more

                2. The Case of the Delicate Affair of the Reigning Family of Holland
                            The Dutch Ambassador recruits Holmes and Watson to intervene in a
                            political case that could result in the Netherlands being involved
                            in a war between France and Germany. more

                3. The Case of the Manor House
                            A telegram from the Police summons Holmes to West Sussex to solve
                            a murder and a case of not one, but two locked rooms. It turns out
                            to be a double murder! more

                4. The Adventure of the Grice Patersons on the Island of Uffa
                            A farmer from Suffolk comes to Holmes with curious case of abduction.
                            Not just abduction, but also the extinction of the Grice Patersons. more

                5. The Case of the Tragedy of Abbas Parva
                            Holmes decides to investigate the suspicious drowning at the Grand Union
                            locks at Abbas Parva in Hertfordshire. Dr. Watson joins him, they are able
                            to convince the Coroner of the error of the newspapers. more

                6. The Case of the Arnsworth Castle Business
                            In Buckinghamshire, Holmes solves a hidden treasure mystery that is
                            mentioned in "A Scandal in Bohemia". Now the lost tale can be told in full.
                            Dr. Watson ably assists Holmes in the case. more

The Channel Island’s Ormer
- Haliotis Tuberculata


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