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David B. Beckwith

Author of:

The Chronicles of Sherlock Holmes
Volumes 1 to 6

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Vol I (2011)
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Vol II (2014)
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Vol III (2017)
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Vol IV (2020)
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Vol V (2021)
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Vol VI (2023)

These are the tales that Dr. Watson wrote, but
he never published. Watson's great-great-
grandson James Innes Watson has inherited all
of his forebear's manuscripts. The reasons why
Dr. Watson did not publish some of his works
are varied, but largely because many are
controversial, or because either he or his
literary agent Conan Doyle deemed the stories
to be unsuitable for publication, but now
after more than a hundred years James Watson
believes that they should, and can be made
public. The stories involve the royalty of
Europe from Victorian and Edwardian eras, the
British Police and its Special Branch, the
fledgling British Secret Service, the original
Mafia of New York ("the Black Hand"), and the
brothers of Prof. Moriarty.

The tales also reveal much that readers could
not previously have known of the great
detective and his chronicler
Dr. John Hamish Watson.



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